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OEM-X line is the universal repair service from Sulzer. As a market-leading manufacturer of precision pump equipment, we also offer 24/7 technical support for all other makes, all over the world. Whether it’s poor performance, breakdowns or change of duty, let the OEM-X line take care of everything.

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Any type, anytime, anywhere

Reduce downtime and increase production with solutions that fit your operation.

Market demands, varied applications and mature equipment are just a few of the challenges operators face in our dynamic world. Choosing the right solutions provider is more vital than ever. From the leader in pump manufacturing, OEM-X line Service by Sulzer gives you peace of mind in uncertain times.

Sulzer stays ahead of technology and capabilities for rotating equipment repair. Our foundation and expertise reside in providing the best service, overhaul, retrofit, upgrades, field service and part manufacturing.

OEM-X line: the universal pump solutions for today and tomorrow.

We are where you are. Sulzer’s global footprint of 180 service centers ensures your pumps are supported. And we go the distance for you with our ever-ready field service teams, to bring the service to your site.

Market demands are increasing the need for full asset availability. Sulzer is your partner in getting the most of your pumps in today’s dynamic world and for the future. Sulzer means flexible solutions and faster uptime.

Your operations never sleep, and Sulzer is here to support you. Our 24/7 service centers and expert field service teams keep your pumps pumping. No matter the challenge, no matter the time, Sulzer is your partner for total pump service.

Rely on the best pump manufacturer to service all your pumps: MSDs, verticals, OH pumps and more, beyond brand or tenure. Our legacy is in service, and your assets are our #1 priority.

You stand apart and we stand with you. Sulzer Pump Services offers expertise in analysis, inspection, and flexible solutions to fit your unique application needs. Our technology and experience give you the upper hand in repairing and improving your assets.

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Giving you the right options for your needs

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Pump services beyond brand

OEM-X line Service by Sulzer, is worldwide

Europe, Middle East & Africa

Sulzer called in to overhaul storm pump after extended delays

Sulzer steps in to support an urgent maintenance project at 25% below the investment required by the OEM.

During a visit by Sulzer for maintenance of unrelated large pumps, it transpired that the site team had been waiting for the OEM to provide spare parts and service visits for over 12 months...

Asia & Pacific

Rapid pump upgrade delivers improved efficiency

Sulzer engineers custom boiler feed pumps with updated hydraulic design for 50% less than replacement cost

One facility in South Korea enlisted support from Sulzer to retrofit four boiler feed pumps after the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) couldn’t supply a cost-effective solution...


Optimizing vertical suspended pump performance

Using expert knowledge to improve efficiency and reliability

Vertical suspended pumps are used to move large volumes of liquid throughout the water, petrochemical and power generation sectors. Using modern manufacturing techniques and maintenance procedures can considerably improve pump efficiency and reliability of legacy units, reducing costs for operators...

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